About Lucia

Yoga + Feminine Movement + Plant Based Food + Mindfulness = THE GOOD LIFE.

Yoga and eating whole foods has been a passion for as long as I can remember. Every year I evolve, grow and experience life lessons and unlearnings that have been taking my life into exciting, high vibrating places. I love sharing my passions and vulnerable journey with others. As a certified yoga & goddess flow instructor, a plant based foodie and digital entrepreneur I combine all my loves into organiclulula.

I believe in eating food as close to its natural state and ensuring it is delicious and gourmet. Eating plant based does not mean that you have to give up flavour. You can eat well and feel nourished, loved and satisfied all at the same time.

I believe in loving your body. Moving it as often as possible – dance when nobody is watching and dance when people are watching too. Yoga and meditation have changed my life in ways that are impossible to put in words AND feminine movement has helped me embrace all parts of myself allowing me to fall in deep, mad love with me.

I love being on this earth and in this body exploring and playing with life to the fullest.

Yoga (Classes, Retreats, Workshops)

After being a dedicated yogi for over 10 years I complete my 200hr teaching training from the Sivananda Ashram. This was one of the most transformative experiences of my life, chanting, meditating and going to daily temple teachings submersed into a knowing of the human power in a way that has guided me since.

A year before my teacher training I went to a Goddess Flow class led by Michelle Tamblyn Sambo and cried throughout the entire class knowing that I was meant to teach this specific style of feminine movement to women. I completed my Goddess Flow Teacher Training 1.5 years later and have been leading workshops and retreats for women to connect with their authentic selves ever since.

Chef Services

5 years ago my sister who is a trained chef and brilliant vegan & raw foodie started cooking at retreats. One week end she needed help and asked if I could accompany her and I never looked back. The amount of knowledge I soaked up and passion I nurtured for creating healthy, beautiful gourmet meals has fueled my soul. I currently cook at yoga retreats, private functions, teach cooking classes and am available for hire for any general cooking needs.

SHARE – Dinners

For over 4 years I have been hosting share dinners. These a private dinners where 10 strangers are invited for a gourmet meal to discuss topics and share who they really are – no shop talk, no phones, no side talking. It’s a magical evening of connection and understanding, loved by all who attend.

BREATHE – Meditation Mornings

More info soon