I was raised by a Mom who really believed in feeding her family ORGANIC whole foods. Growing up this way meant that on week ends we’d have to wake up at 7am to get to the farmers markets or to visit farms to get our groceries. We also spent week ends on road trips to get spring water fresh from the earth. We shopped at our local health food store but it was a Ma and Pa type store NOW we have so much available to us.

I believe in eating ORGANIC and have done this for over 10 years no matter how much or how little I made financially. When I talk to people about this (no matter what their financial situation is) they always mention how it’s too expensive to eat ORGANIC. I’m here to debunk that myth. Food can either be poison or medicine and we all deserve to eat food that is medicine.

Sure ORGANIC groceries can be more expensive than conventional groceries BUT HUGE BUT it doesn’t have to be. With a little know how, planning and preparation you can eat ORGANIC (or mostly ORGANIC) for the same price or cheaper than you are spending on food now.

Now I’m not saying everything in your home needs to be Organic but this website will help you learn how to bring more whole food organics into your home and life in an easy and affordable way. The main focus of the website is food and recipes but I’ll also be reviewing NATURAL and ORGANIC products for your home, body and life.

Get ready to learn all the tips and tricks to eating Organic on a budget. I’ll have a section with my weekly grocery bills and everything i’ve made for the week in my budget. Each week will be different and I’ll cover multiple stores/markets across Toronto to show you where you can get great deals.
I’ll have a recipe section where I’ll be sharing organic meals I create and I’ll review organic products and services along the way.

Looking forward to sharing my passion for ORGANICS with you.