Chia Turmeric Water
This is an amazing drink that you can make in batches, refrigerate and enjoy while getting the amazing benefits of chia, turmeric, lemon and honey.
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  1. organic Turmeric
  2. organic Chia Seed
  3. organic Lemon
  4. organic Honey
  5. Glass jar or any water holding container with lid.
  1. Add 1 tbsp of chia seed into your jar.
  2. Add water into jar and shake. Shake occasional for approx 10 minutes. This will ensure that the chia doesn't clump.
  3. Grate 1/2 inch of Turmeric into your glass (you can use a 1 tsp of turmeric powder if you don't have the root)
  4. Add the juice from 1/2 a lemon
  5. Add 1-2 tsp honey
  6. Refrigerate if desired and enjoy
  1. I use manuka or raw honey which means I have to shake the jar a lot and make sure the water is at room temperature or it doesn't dissolve into the water.
  2. I make a batch at the beginning of the week so that I have them available daily.
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