This website is divided into 4 parts

Tips: is where you will find tips, tricks and general information to help you life an ORGANIC (or more ORGANIC) lifestyle.

Budget: is where I share my weekly grocery list, what I bought, where I bought it, how much it cost and what I intend on cooking for the week on this budget. Each week is different and I’ll be trying a variety of grocery stores and markets so that I can show the difference in prices, options and availability.

Reviews: is where I will share Natural and ORGANIC products that I will review. In my experience many natural products don’t work the same as their chemically friends so I will be testing out products to see what ones work, which ones I like and just in general share some of my favourite things.

Recipes: is where I will share my weekly concoctions. I tend to only cook items that aren’t complicated and I am also a vegan so most of my cooking is vegan but many of the items are perfect for anyone and you could easily add a side of meat or fish to them if desired.

If you are just getting started my suggestion is read the following pages:
Dirty Dozen
Clean 15
Items to Splurge On
Places to Shop
Why Organic