I hesitated to buy these bread/crackers because the packaging was so large and the price point wasn’t appealing but I kept seeing them in stores and I needed to know what they were like. So I bought them.

The package has 8 crackers. Which they call bread but it’s definitely more of a cracker.

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Things I like about this product:
1. They are tasty. I do love a rice crisp and seed combo of flavours and this definitely hits the spot.
2. I love that it is Organic – obviously
3. They are actually really large crackers and thick enough that 1 is enough – 2 if you are really hungry.
4. It’s GMO free, Sugar Free, High In Fibre and Vegan.

Thing I don’t like about the product:
1. It has wheat flour. I try to avoid wheat as it bloats me and doesn’t fuel me – I wish that they would have stuck to seeds and rice only.
2. I assume this isn’t a raw product because it doesn’t say so but if they were dehydrated I would love to know or at least I wish they were so that the nutritional properties of the seeds could stay in tact.
3. It’s says it is high in Omega 3s but seeds lose omegas when they are heated so not knowing how this is cooked makes me skeptical that this is actually high in Omega 3s.


Would I purchase them again?
– Probably not.
– There wasn’t anything wrong with them really but from a price point it just doesn’t stretch the dollar far enough to justify them.
– They are a fun treat and it’s important to treat yourself here and there.
– I feel bad using this much packing (as pretty of a presentation that it is) for essentially some crackers.
– Definitely better for your health than buying a bag of chips.