Fresh & Wild
Spinach, Bananas, Broccoli, Avocado (non organic), Frozen Cauliflower, Ground Flax, Onuki Mushrooms

Gluten Free Oats, Hummus (on sale), Olives, Baking Cups, Epsom Salt, Pecans, Kimchi

This weeks plan is to bake healthy breakfast muffins and cookies for the week, use up some ingredients in the pantry (quinoa, lentils, carrots and onions – approx $20) and to carry over some of the groceries into next week as well (oats, flax meal, baking cups, apple sauce).

Need: 7 servings of breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Banana & Pecan Breakfast Muffins (12 servings)
– Banana & Flax Cookies (12 servings)
– Spinach Salad with Kimchi, Avocado and Olives (2 servings)
– Broccoli Bites (2 servings)
– Cauliflower Buffalo Wings (2 servings)
– Hummus and Veggies (2 serving)
– Lentil Soup (10 servings)
– Carrot, Ginger Soup (5 servings)
– Rice with Mushrooms and Kimchi (2 servings)

Breakfast (7 servings)
Lunch (7 servings)
Dinner (9 servings)
Snacks (2 servings)
Extra (5 servings of breakfast muffins & cookies, 6 servings of Lentil Soup)

Epsom Salt Baths all week.

* If not specified all groceries are Organic.